Drone Protection

Drones will play a big part in our future lives. As useful as they may be, they can pose urgent concerns for virtually every sector of society, from government facilities to sporting events to personal home protection. But how do you protect yourself against this drone threat? On this page we will introduce the counter-measures to you.

It's safe to say that Drones will change our lives just as the first personal computer once did in the 1980s. It will affect the way we conduct our daily business. It will even have an impact on the way we spend time with our friends and family. Within only a few years drones have developed from a small, remote-controlled toy to an autonomously flying, smart aerial machine.

Like any technological advancement, drones also bring unwanted and possibly dangerous side effects.

Commercial UAVs tend to be smaller and lighter than their military counterparts. That also makes them quite hard to detect. The sales numbers of drones increase each year and with the spread of drones people start to realize that there is a great potential for misuse.

A series of incidents around the world illustrate why. In July 2015 fire-fighting efforts in San Bernadino were hindered by drones hovering over the flames, preventing the California firefighters from despatching helicopters with water buckets due to fear of colliding with the drones.

Then there were numerous close encounters with UAVs where the drones have endangered passenger jets approaching major airports, including London's Heathrow and New York's LaGuardia.

drones ariport, drone defence, drone protection, drone prevention

drones at the airport

In January 2016, a hobbyist accidentally crashed a drone on the White House grounds, triggering a security lockdown. And, in April, after several drones were spotted above French nuclear power stations, France awarded contracts to small military-research teams to develop weapons to bring down the bird-size flying robots. It has become obvious that drones can be easily misused as a tool to spy on people and/or places. Not only can these UAVs take high resolution videos and pictures, but also hack and steal information directly from a smart phone, tablet or laptop that is connected to wifi.

drone hacks smartphone, drone defence, drone protection, drone prevention

drone hacks smartphone

drone carry drugs or guns, drone defence, drone protection, drone prevention

drone carry drugs

Smugglers are taking advantage of the drone as well, namely of it's carrying capacity by using them to carry drugs or guns accross borders or into prisons.

drones flying over events or stadiums carry guns, drugs or harmful substances

But drones flying over events or stadiums do not necesserily have to carry guns, drugs or other harmful substances to disrupt the happening - as showcased during an election rally for German Chancellor Angela Merkel,

during a soccer game beween Serbia and Albania in 2014


or during a ski World cup race where Marcel Hirscher was nearly hit by a drone.


There is no denying: Drones will change our society. And that is not a bad thing. Quite the contrary. They have many legitimate applications in fields such as filmmaking or photography. And soon even packages will be delivered to our doorstep by drones.

packages by drones, drone defence, drone protection, drone prevention

packages by drones