Drone Threats

Few technologies develop as fast as the drone technology. With the continously increasing performance capabilites of drones the number of oppurtunities to misuse them for criminal purposes rises. They are very affordable while becoming more and more powerful. For less than $2'000 one can purchase a drone on the internet that can easily carry a load of up to about 5kg/10pounds and fly several kilometers/miles.

So far it has been enough to largely secure sensitive buildings and areas by installing cameras and fences. Making use of simply these security measures however turns the airspace into an acute safety gap. Recent events have shown that drones can be used to infiltrate the security of heads of state, photograph private film sets and property or even deliver contraband into prisons. The potential for misuse is massive:

a drone for dangerous missions
  • Industrial Espionage: high-definition pictures of secret construction sites, confidential documents or meetings
  • Terrorist Attacks: regular drones can be equipped with guns or even dangerous chemicals / bombs and pose a serious threat for the security of Public buildings, government buildings and sports arenas
  • Smuggling: guns and drugs can be smuggled over the boarder or into a prison
  • Breach of Privacy: HD cameras attached to a drone can spy on any person (especially famous athletes, celeberties or public figures) on their own private retreat
what a drone may carry

These are only a few of the possible threats posed by a drone that is used with criminal intent. But fortunately different companies have realized that there is a need for counter-measures to protect the people from drones and came up with several ways to ensure their safety (see Defence Systems).